United Way NELA announces reopening of agency program admissions




Meghan H. Jones

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United Way of Northeast Louisiana

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

United Way NELA announces reopening of agency program admissions


MONROE, La—United Way of Northeast Louisiana is pleased to announce that it is reopening its agency program admissions.

Since its inception in 1956, United Way of Northeast Louisiana’s mission has been focused around helping people and improving the community. 

Hundreds of knowledgeable volunteers representative of the Northeast Louisiana community provide volunteer leadership to United Way of Northeast Louisiana. A volunteer Board of Directors sets policy and strategic direction. Various volunteer committees oversee financial practices, operational issues, resource development, and community impact.

United Way NELA’s investment in local programs and initiatives is a large part of that community impact.

“When you give to United Way of Northeast Louisiana, you are allowing local volunteers, representing all segments of the community, to determine how to invest the money in the issues and areas that need it most,” said Amy Sawyer, Chair of United Way NELA’s Board of Directors. “This practice ensures accountability, and that United Way is focused on our community’s aspirations and achieving measurable results. The recommendations for funding are reviewed and approved by our volunteers annually.”

For many years, United Way NELA had an open admissions policy. It was a designated period on the calendar, and any local agency that expressed interest was able to apply. Then, instead of the annual campaign increases the organization was accustomed to, United Way NELA entered a period when campaign dollars flattened or declined. To maintain as strong of a funding stream as possible with its existing agency partners, United Way NELA closed its agency program admissions process. Admissions have been closed since 2017.

“Our world has changed,” said Janet Durden, President of United Way of Northeast Louisiana. “After years of multiple disasters, including a global pandemic, we realize and respect the unpredictability of our annual campaign. However, United Way of Northeast Louisiana has a responsibility to remain relevant and responsive to the ever-changing issues in our community.” 

United Way NELA’s established aspirations around education, financial stability, and health, and its identified goals and strategies, were designed to address specific issues and achieve positive results.

“We’re so pleased to have long, meaningful relationships with our existing partner agencies. They provide excellent and effective services in our community, address many of our identified issues, and meet United Way’s high standards of accountability. However, we realize that there are other agencies in the community who are also providing services that may fill other gaps,” said Daniel Taylor, United Way NELA’s Community Impact Chair. “United Way’s accountability standards will continue to be the benchmark for both new applicants and our existing partners.”

“Instead of there being an admissions process with no public announcement, we are now announcing the public availability – if a Northeast Louisiana non-profit is interested in becoming affiliated with United Way NELA, they are welcome and encouraged to go through the pre-application process,” said Kim Lowery, United Way NELA’s Director of Community Impact and Organizational Strategy.

Durden says the decision to have an open agency program admissions process is driven by the organization’s long-established values. “Our values, developed by our Board of Directors in 2002, are inclusiveness, integrity, compassion, respect, dignity, and positive impact,” she said. “An open admissions process is reflective of these values.”

This one-year funding opportunity allows any registered 501c3 agency that is located in the 12 parishes of Northeast Louisiana, provides health and human services, and is aligned with United Way NELA’s community aspirations and goals to apply during the open admissions period at https://www.unitedwaynela.org/our-partners. Deadline for pre-application submissions is Friday, February 25, 2022. For specific questions, contact Kim Lowery, Director of Community Impact and Organizational Strategy at United Way of Northeast Louisiana, at 318.998.9212 or klowery@unitedwaynela.org


United Way of Northeast Louisiana works with volunteers, donors, and other organizations locally to create lasting community change in the areas of Education, Income, and Health — the building blocks for a good quality of life. For more information about United Way of Northeast Louisiana, visit unitedwaynela.org, dial 211 on any landline or mobile phone (a free call 24/7), or text your zip code to 898-211 (M-F, 8-5).