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TOCQUEVILLE SOCIETY ($10,000-$100,000+ Gift)

Cyndy & John Perry

Cyndy & John Perry

NAI Faulk & Foster, 2016 Tocqueville Society Chairs

In 1972, the Tocqueville Society was created by United Way of America as United Way’s premier giving society. Contributors of national and local prominence belong to chapters founded by United Way organizations throughout the country. The name was chosen to honor Alexis de Tocqueville, the famous figure of French origin. A great visionary in his own right, his writings about democracy and the American spirit of giving stirred the world in his book Democracy in America, published in 1835. Locally, three families gave the first $10,000 gifts in 1994. The following year, the Alexis de Tocqueville Society of Northeast Louisiana was chartered with 13 members. 

STEAMBOAT SOCIETY ($1,000-$9,999 Gift)

Stephanie & Nat Smith

Stephanie & Nat Smith

Ouachita Parish Assessor's Office/BancorpSouth, 2016 Steamboat Society Chairs

Christy & Clay G. Hipp, III

Christy & Clay G. Hipp, III

Northern Louisiana Medical Center/First National Bank, 2016 Lincoln-Union Parish Steamboat Socity Chairs

The Steamboat Society was created in 1987 by United Way of Northeast Louisiana to recognize individuals and families who provide leadership through their generous contributions. The name was chosen to reflect the important contributions of the steamboats, which traveled the Ouachita River in the early 1800s as a moving force in the economic and cultural development of Northeast Louisiana. Today, individual community leaders serve as the moving force that helps to build a thriving, interdependent community. The Steamboat Society has been a major factor in the overall success of United Way of Northeast Louisiana’s fund raising efforts and reflects the commitment of an individual’s or couple’s dedication to improving the quality of life in our community. 

Steamboat Society levels:


BAYOU SOCIETY ($500-$999 Gift)

The Bayou Society was created in 2002 as a giving level for individuals or couples who annually contribute $500-$999 and are committed to the future of our community through United Way.



Erica & Michael Ryan

Erica & Michael Ryan

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC, 2016 UNITED45 Chairs

UNITED45 supports the work of United Way of Northeast Louisiana and fosters a spirit of community involvement among the next generation of leaders. The goal of UNITED45 is to inspire others to give, advocate and volunteer. UNITED45 provides a variety of opportunities to meet other individuals with similar professional and community interests who are committed and dedicated to making a positive impact in the community. 

For more information about United Way of Northeast Louisiana’s Leadership Giving Societies, contact Janet Durden at 318-325-3869.


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